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2017 Supplement Seedlist - A - C

Richo Cech, 2016. Paperback, 336pp, 1 lb. $24.95
The long-awaited new edition, fully revised and including 28 new plants.

An excellent overview of making medicinal tinctures, vinegars, glycerines and water-based preparations, syrups, salves, baths, poultices, etc. Clearly explains the methods so you can make everything from simple teas to professional-quality, mixed-solvent tinctures equal to those in health-food stores. Includes 'A Gardener's Herbal Formulary', covering over 100 herbs, with over 500 formulas, giving medicinal action, dosage and use. Interesting stories of his own experiences give the book immediacy, and bring the processes 'off the page' and into practical focus. Those expensive tinctures can be made inexpensively at home—if you use plant medicines, you should grow and prepare your own.

—Acacia acinacea. (25) ACAC-2. Packet: $2.50

'GOLD-DUST WATTLE'. Abundant bright golden yellow flower balls in spring. Rounded shrub to 8 feet, with inch-long phyllodes. SE Australia. Zone 8. Nick seed to germinate in 6 - 12 weeks.
—Acacia auriculiformis. (20) ACAC-9. Packet: $2.50

'EARPOD WATTLE'. Fast growing tree to 95 feet. Spikes of yellow flowers followed by twisted pods. Flat 8" leaves. New Guinea. Excellent for tropical reforestation, it can grow 19 feet in 2 years, and reach 55 feet in 8 years. Builds soil, fixes nitrogen, smothers imperata grass. Stands soils ranging from pH 3.0 to 9.0, and rainfall from arid to 8 feet per year. Produces up to 20 cubic meters of fuelwood per year. Stands both clay and sandy soils.
—Acacia complanata. (10) ACAC-25. Packet: $2.50
'LONG-POD WATTLE'. Showy shrub to 3 - 9 feet, with abundant yellow flower balls in summer to autumn. Broad green 2 - 3" leaves and long straight 6" pods. E. Australia. Excellent in warm coastal areas and should be grown more. Rarely seen in cultivation, and much sought by collectors. Nick seed. Germinates in 1 - 6 weeks.
—Acacia covenyi. (10) ACAC-29. Packet: $2.50

'BLUE BUSH'. Narrow blue-green foliage on a shrub or tree to 5 - 25 feet. Rare endemic with bright yellow flower-balls and 3" pods. Bendethera, NSW Australia. Zone 8. Soak, nick hard, to germinate in 2 - 4 weeks.
—Acacia Drummondii ssp. Drummondii. (25) ACAC-40D. Packet: $2.50
'DRUMMOND'S WATTLE'. Golden flowers in inch-long spikes on a nice dwarf shrub to 3 - 6 feet. Dark green feathery bipinnate foliage. West Australia. Excellent pot plant in the greenhouse. "One of the most beautiful little shrubs imaginable."—H.E. Saier. Nick seed.
—Acacia glaucoptera. (20) ACAC-52. Packet: $2.50
'FLATWATTLE'. A remarkable shrub with long, saw-edged, leaf-like phyllodes with the flowers arising from the center vein. Young growth is reddish. Australia. An unusual, attractive species, unlike all others in its bizarre form. Nick seed to germinate in 2 - 4 weeks.
—Acacia spongolitica. (25) ACAC-124. Packet: $2.50
Lemon-yellow flower balls on a strongly aromatic shrub to 6 feet, with narrow phyllodes. Endemic to a tiny area. Nick to germinate in 2 - 4 weeks.

AGONIS (A-go-nis or a-GO-nis)
MYRTACEAE. 'WILLOW MYRTLE'. Handsome, drought-resistant West Australian trees. Fast growing and noted for tolerating severe arid conditions if given a few deep waterings while establishing. Smoke treatment may help germination.
—Agonis flexuosa. (100) AGON-2. Packet: $2.50
'PEPPERMINT WILLOW MYRTLE'. Striking weeping tree to 25 - 35 feet, densely clothed with narrow, willow-like, bronze-edged 6" leaves, which are a rich pink in spring. Abundant, scented small white flowers in spring. W. Australia. The foliage is strongly peppermint-scented when crushed. Quickly forms a nice single-trunked tree resembling a weeping willow. Tolerant of a variety of soils, good in limestone areas. Easy in tubs, sun or semi-shade. Freezes to the ground at 25°F, but can stump sprout. "One of the best small trees for California gardens where temperatures stay above 27°F."—Sunset. Germinates in 2 - 12 weeks at warm temperatures.

AKEBIA (a-KEE-bee-a)
LARDIZABALACEAE. East Asian twining shrubs grown for their attractive foliage and peculiar flowers and fruit. Best in sun and well-drained soil. Germinates readily after 1 month cold treatment.
—Akebia quinata. (25) AKEB-5. Packet: $2.50 OUT OF STOCK
Fresh seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'CHOCOLATE VINE', 'FIVE-LEAF'. Odd rosy purple (male) or purple brown (female), three petaled, 1/4 - 1 1/2" very sweetly fragrant flowers in pendant clusters in April and May. Peculiar sausage shaped dark purple 3 - 5" edible fruits with sweetish yellow green pulp. Twining shrub to 15 - 20 feet, with handsome 5-parted foliage. NE Asia. The leaves are used for tea in Japan. "Very graceful and desirable."—A. Rehder.

—Alstroemeria revoluta. (20) ALST-21. Packet: $2.50

Delicate pink flowers spotted darker. Tender perennial to 12 -30". Endemic to central Chile. Zone 8. Stands summer dryness and short frosts to 20°F. Prechill 4 weeks and hold pots, may be slow. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com

ALYOGYNE (al-ee-O-ji-nee)
MALVACEAE. Showy-flowered Australian shrubs and small trees with palmately divided leaves. Excellent ornamentals for warm areas and in the greenhouse, becoming increasingly appreciated in California. Easily grown from seed.
—Alyogyne hakeifolia. (50) ALYO-9. Packet: $2.50
Covered from spring to summer with large 3" pale purple-lilac flowers with crimson throats. The leaves are divided into narrow, thread-like segments. Dark green shrub to 5 - 10 feet. W. Australia. A beautiful shrub for warm, dry areas. Lightly nick seed to germinate in 1 - 6 weeks.
—Alyogyne Huegelii. (25) ALYO-11. Packet: $2.50
'BLUE HIBISCUS'. Beautiful lilac-blue flowers up to 4 - 5" across, the petals with a glossy sheen. Blooms off and on throughout the year. Deeply lobed dark green leaves. Evergreen shrub to 5 - 8 feet. Australia. Likes a warm, dry position. Hardy to about 27°F. One of the prettiest little shrubs. Lightly nick seed. Germinates in 2 - 12 weeks.

ANIGOZANTHOS (a-nig-o-ZAN-thos)
HAEMODORACEAE. Odd, half-hardy or tender perennials with peculiar woolly flowers and sword-like leaves rising from a thick rootstock. Grow outdoors in California and the South. The cut flowers are excellent fresh or dried. Nectar-seeking birds are attracted to them. Best in well-drained soil, and keep dry during the winter rest. Sow on soil surface, keep moist. May take up to 1 - 3 months to germinate at 60 - 70F. Hot water soak may help. After 1st spring, leave pots to bake dry in the sun all summer, and more seed will germinate the second spring. Most are easy from seed, and seed is viable for at least ten years. Smoke treatment may help germination.
—Anigozanthos Manglesii. (50) ANIG-16. Packet: $2.50
'KANGAROO PAWS'. Stunning, vivid red and green woolly 3" flowers really do resemble kangaroo paws. To 3 - 6 feet, excellent for cut-flowers. Prefers light soil and will not tolerate cold wet areas. The floral emblem of Western Australia. An excellent species, will survive to Zone 8. Germination temperamental, 1 month or more, smoke and heat may help.
—Anigozanthos rufus. (25) ANIG-21. Packet: $2.50
'RED KANGAROO PAW'. Masses of red 1 1/2 - 2" flowers in spring and summer, on branched stems to 5 feet tall. Strap-shaped 8 - 16" leaves. W. Australia.
—Anigozanthos viridis. (25) ANIG-25. Packet: $2.50
'GREEN KANGAROO PAW'. Vivid green to yellowish 3" flowers. A small species with narrow leaves. To 2 feet. SW Australia. Swampy to sunny areas.

ANISOTOME (a-ni-so-TO-may)
UMBELLIFERAE. New Zealand perennials.
—Anisotome latifolia. (10) ANIS-15. Packet: $3.00
Dense balls of rosy flowers above a large rosette of shiny, feathery leaves. Perennial to 2 - 8 feet. Zone 7 - 9. Rare endemic to only two small sub-Antarctic New Zealand islands. Best in cool, moist, frost-tree climates with cool summers. Prechill seed a few weeks, and avoid high temperatures.

—Annona squamosa. (10) ANNO-22. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $17.50
'SUGAR APPLE', 'SWEETSOP'. Sweet yellow-green 3 - 4" fruits with lumpy skin and delicious creamy, aromatic, custard-like pulp, July to December. Small tree to 20 feet, with inch-wide flowers and narrow 5" leaves. Tropical America. Moderate to fast growth, one of the best. Powdered seed a good insecticide, and the leaves are medicinal, antibiotic, anti-cancer and contraceptive. Germinates in 3 - 24 weeks.

—Anomatheca laxa 'Alba'. (25) ANOM-15A. Packet: $2.50

White inch-long flowers in spikes in late summer and fall. Perennial to 12". S. Africa. Germinates in 3 - 4 weeks.

ANTHOCERCIS (an-tho-SER-sis)
SOLANACEAE. Australian shrubs related to Duboisia, with bell-shaped flowers with 5 spreading petals. Easily grown in California, but surprisingly little known. Some are almost leafless, making the flowers more conspicuous.
—Anthocercis littorea. (100) ANTC15. Packet: $2.50
'YELLOW TAILFLOWER'. Abundant yellow star-shaped 1 - 2" flowers with narrow petals. Shrub to 3 - 9 feet. W. Australia. Zone 9. Good in coastal Mediterranean climates. Give seed GA-3 to germinate in 2 - 8 weeks.

—Antirrhinum majus 'Appleblossom'. (1000) ANTR-30AP. Packet: $2.50
25 grams: $7.50

Appleblossom pink and white flowers in spikes to 2 - 3 feet tall.
—Antirrhinum majus 'Welcome'. (1000) ANTR-30WE. Packet: $2.50
25 grams: $7.50

Dark red flowers on semi-dwarf plants to 18".
—Antirrhinum sempervirens. (500) ANTR-40. Packet: $2.50
Creamy white inch-long snapdragons with violet stripes and yellow throats, in June and July. Fairly hardy trailing perennial to 4 - 6". Pyrenees. Zone 7. Good in dry rocky areas. Prechill seed or use GA-3 to germinate in 2 - 3 weeks warm.

—Aquilegia canadensis. (500) AQUI-11. Packet: $2.50
1/4 Oz: $8.00
'COMMON AMERICAN COLUMBINE', 'JACK-IN-TROUSERS'. Nodding red and yellow 1 1/2" flowers from May to July. Hardy perennial to 1 - 2 feet. E. U.S. Zone 2. Children suck the flower nectar, and the roots are said to have been eaten by Indians. Aged seed germinates in 2 - 4 weeks, fresh seed needs cold treatment or GA-3.
—Aquilegia formosa var. truncata. (25) AQUI-16T. Packet: $2.50
Scarlet inch-long nodding flowers on a perennial to 1 1/2 - 3 feet. California. A lovely inhabitant of our local hills. Prechill seed.
—Aquilegia olympica. (25) AQUI-34. Packet: $2.50
Large blue and white 3 - 4" long spurred flowers on a robust hardy perennial to 2 1/2 feet. W. Asia. "Looks like a caerulea on steroids. Quite a bit nicer, actually. A second year plant has 40 - 50 blooms." Zone 5. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks, sometimes needs a prechill.

ARALIA (a-RA-lee-a)
ARALIACEAE. Deciduous herbs, shrubs and trees, grown for ornament, or in the wild garden for medicine and wildlife food. Their bold foliage is attractive. Seeds often have double dormancy, and need scarification and cold treatment, or warm then cold treatment. Best sown in early fall to produce seedlings over the next two years.
—Aralia spinosa. (250) ARAL-32. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Ounce: $8.00

'DEVIL'S WALKING STICK', 'HERCULES CLUB'. Varies from a shrub to tree to 35 feet, with large compound 2 - 6 foot long 1eaves clustered at the top, giving a tree-fern like appearance. Enormous panicles of whitish flowers up to 6 feet long, followed by elderberry-like berries. E. U.S. Hardy to Pennsylvania (Zone 5). The bark was an important medicine among the Indians. The young leaves have been used as a potherb. Germinates in 5 - 8 weeks warm without pretreatment.

ARIOCARPUS: See Reserved Access page.

ROSACEAE. 'GOAT'S BEARD'. Tall ornamental hardy perennials grown tor their large, showy, Astilbe-like clusters of tiny white flowers. Best in moist shady places and by pools and streams. Good in the back border. Seeds germinate readily in 80 - 120 days at cool temperatures. Sow on the surface.
—Aruncus aethusifolius. (100) ARUN-1. Packet: $2.50
'DWARF GOAT'S BEARD', White flowers in airy clusters in late spring. Hardy perennial to 16", with fern-like leaves that turn rich red in fall. Korea. Zone 3. Moist soil. Prechill 4 - 8 weeks, but many will germinate without cold.

LILIACEAE. Handsome perennials grown in the border or wild garden for their dense spikes of flowers. Mediterranean to India. Deep sandy loam.
—Asphodelus albus. (20) ASPH-8. Packet: $2.50
White inch-long flowers with dark bracts, in long spikes to 1 - 3 feet in spring. Round 3/4" pods. Hardy perennial with strap-like 2 foot leaves. Western Mediterranean. Zone 6. Prechill seed and hold pots two years for stragglers.

BACKHOUSIA (back-HOW-see-a)
MYRTACEAE. Subtropical evergreen aromatic Australian rainforest trees and shrubs. For mild climates.
—Backhousia citriodora. (25) R-BACK-6. Packet: $3.00
Click for photo » Flowers
'LEMON-SCENTED MYRTLE'. Small white flowers in dense clusters in summer. They are strongly lemon-scented. Small tree to 25 feet, with leathery 4" lemon-scented leaves. N. Australia. Zone 9. It has a true delicious lemon scent and is grown for food flavoring. Sow the individual pods on sandy soil and keep evenly moist to germinate in 5 - 10 weeks.

—Baptisia perfoliata. (10) BAPT-46. Packet: $2.50

'CAT BELLS'. Bright yellow 1/2" flowers in summer, nestled in the round, blue-green perfoliate leaves, good in arrangements. Round pods. Perennial to 3 feet. SE U.S. Zone 6 or 7. Nick seed to germinate in 2 - 4 weeks.

BAUHINIA (bo-HIN-ee-a)
LEGUMINOSAE. Showy tropical and sub-tropical trees, shrubs and vines, grown in the greenhouse or outdoors in California and the South for their flamboyant flowers. Some are hardy to 15°F. They make good tub plants, and can flower in 3 - 4 years. 
—Bauhinia monandra. (20) BAUH-10. Packet: $2.50
Oz: $10.00

'ORCHID TREE'. Showy pink 4" wide poinciana-like flowers with darker streaks, in spring. Small tree to 20 feet, with smooth grey bark and 2-lobed leaves. Burma. Zone 10. Soak, discard those that swell, then nick hard ones to germinate in a few weeks.

BEAUFORTIA (bow-FOR-tee-a)
MYRTACEAE. Showy W. Australian shrubs.
—Beaufortia orbifolia. (100) BEAF-18. Packet: $2.50
'RAVENSTHORPE BOTTLEBRUSH'. Striking red and white bottlebrush flowers. Attractive shrub to 9 feet, with tiny round scale-like leaves. W. Australia. Zone 9. Adaptable in cultivation, good foliage plant. Germinates in 6 - 10 weeks.
—Beaufortia sparsa. (100) BEAF-22. Packet: $2.50
'GRAVEL BOTTLEBRUSH'. Showy orange-red bottlebrush flowers. Shrub to 9 feet, with tiny leaves, making the foliage good in arrangements. W. Australia. Zone 9. Germinates in 2 - 3 weeks.

—Begonia boliviensis. (400) BEG-22. Packet: $3.00

Tubular orange-red 2" flowers in drooping panicles in summer, above 3 - 5" pointed leaves. Forms a large round caudex to a foot wide. Bolivia. Good in hanging baskets and attracts hummingbirds. Germinates in 2 weeks and up. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com

BILLARDIERA (bill-ar-dee-ER-a)
PITTOSPORACEAE. Small Australian twining shrubs grown for ornament in California and the South. Nice in hanging baskets in the greenhouse. Most soils. Stands full sun, but best in part shade. Smoke treatment or GA-3 may help germination.
—Billardiera cymosa. (25) BILL-4. Packet: $2.50
Click for photo » Photo
'SWEET-APPLE BERRY'. Pale pink to mauve bell-shaped 3/4" wide flowers in spring and summer, followed by delicious edible berries. Shrubby climber to 6 feet tall and wide, with narrow leaves. S. Australia. Birds love the berries. Germinates in 4- 8 weeks cool.
—Billardiera longiflora. (25) BILL-12. Packet: $2.50
'PURPLE APPLE BERRY'. Greenish yellow pendant tubular flowers in spring and summer, followed by shiny purple edible berries. Vigorous twiner with shiny 1 1/2" leaves. Australia. Zone 8. Elegant. Try GA-3 warm, then cold, then germinates in 3 - 6 weeks cold.

BOSSIAEA (boss-ee-AY-a)
LEGUMINOSAE. Easily grown attractive small Australian shrubs with flattened stems. Best in sunny, well-drained places. Almost unknown in the US, try them in California and the South, or they might be nice greenhouse shrubs. Nick and soak seed.
—Bossiaea dentata. (10) BOSS-10. Packet: $2.50
'ELEGANT BOSSIAEA'. Large orange-red pea-like flowers on an upright shrub to 9 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Western Australia. Likes sandy soil, light shade. Zone 9. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 12 weeks.
—Bossiaea heterophylla. (10) BOSS-18. Packet: $2.50
Orange-yellow flowers marked with red. Shrub to 2 - 3 feet. E. Australia. Zone 9. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Bossiaea pulchella. (25) BOSS-34. Packet: $2.50
Bright orange-yellow flowers with red-brown -centers. Attractive shrub to 2 - 5 feet. W. Australia. Zone 9. Drought resistant. Nick seed to germinate in 4 - 8 weeks.
—Bossiaea walkeri. (10) BOSS-48. Packet: $2.50
'CACTUS PEA'. Red flowers on a leafless shrub to 3 - 6 feet, with flattened grey-green stems. S. Australia. Zone 8. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks.

BRUNONIA (bru-NO-nee-a)
BRUNONIACEAE. The only species in the family.
—Brunonia australis. (50) BRUNO-4. Packet: $2.50
'BLUE PINCUSHIONS'. Bright blue flowers in tight balls, held above a mound of narrow leaves. Short-lived perennial to 20". Australia. Zone 8. Well-drained soil. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks.

BUCKINGHAMIA (buck-ing-HAM-ee-a)
PROTEACEAE. Spectacular Australian trees.
—Buckinghamia celcissima. (20) BUCK-6. Packet: $3.00
'IVORY CURLS'. Fragrant creamy, curly flowers in nodding 8" spikes. Evergreen tree to 30 - 60 feet, with glossy dark green leaves. N. Australia. Zone 9. Spectacular in bloom. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks.

BUNIAS (BOO-nee-as)
CRUCIFERAE. White or yellow flowered annual and perennial herbs, occasionally grown for their edible leaves. Easily grown in most soils. Sow any time, spring to fall. Seed viable 3 - 6 years.
—Bunias orientalis. (50) BUNS-18. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $7.50

'TURKISH ROCKET'. Yellow, mustard-like flowers held above a basal rosette of leaves. Hardy perennial to 2 - 4 feet. Europe to Siberia. Zone 5. Grown for the young and tender leaves and sterns, eaten either in salads or boiled. Called 'dikaia retka' on the Volga, where the stems are eaten raw. Also valued for forage. Sprouts very early in spring, when other greens are scarce, and stands cold and drought well. "Highly spoken of as a kitchen-garden plant."—Vilmorin. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks.

—Calendula officinalis 'Resina'. (100) CALN-7R. Packet: $2.50 OTC ORGANIC SEED
Ounce: $7.50 
Yellow and orange flowers. An early, potent, high yielding strain developed for the medicinal market.

CALLISTACHYS (ka-lee-STA-kees)
LEGUMINOSAE. Australian shrubs and trees.
—Callistachys lanceolata. (25) CALLS-15. Packet: $2.50
'WONNICH', 'AUSTRALIAN WILLOW'. Yellow-orange flowers in dense spikes. Shrub or small tree to 23 feet, with willow-like leaves. Along water-courses in SW Australia. Zone 9. Nick seed to germinate in 2 weeks.

MYRTACEAE. Showy Australian shrubs with red flowers and narrow leaves. Easily grown in warm regions or in the cool greenhouse. Not particular as to soil. Seed germinates in 10 - 30 days.
—Calothamnus quadrifidus. (50) CALH-20. Packet: $2.50
'NET BUSH'. Bright red stamens in one-sided bottlebrush spikes to 8" long. Showy shrub to 8 feet, with needle-like leaves. W. Australia. Zone 9. Very adaptable. Surface sow, germinates in 1 - 16 weeks.

—Campanula persicifolia Wild Form. (1000) CAMP-71F. Packet: $2.50

'WILD WILLOW BELLFLOWER'. The true wild form, with more open flower clusters of blue bells. Hardy perennial to 3 feet. Europe. Zone 3.

BIGNONIACEAE. 'TRUMPET VINE'. Striking ornamentals with brilliant clusters of showy scarlet or orange flowers. Fast growing robust vining shrubs climbing by aerial roots. Easily grown in sunny fertile places with something to climb on. Good erosion control and wildlife food. Some are root hardy to minus 30°F. Germinates in 1 - 8 months warm, and is often improved by 4 - 8 weeks cold.
—Campsis radicans. (200) CAM-4. Packet: $2.50
25 grams: $7.50
'TRUMPET VINE'. Brilliant orange trumpet-shaped 3" flowers with a scarlet mouth 2" wide, in clusters of 6 - 12 all summer. Bold dark green pinnate foliage. Hardy deciduous climbing shrub to 30 feet. E. US. Well adapted to covering walls.

CARYOTA (kar-ee-O-ta)
PALMAE. Tropical Asian palms, the only palms with bipinnate leaves.
—Caryota mitis 'Variegata'. (10) CARY-17V. Packet: $10.00
100 seed: $70.00

'VARIEGATED FISHTAIL PALM'. Striking fronds with fishtail-shaped leaflets variegated with white. Palm with clumping stems to 12 - 40 feet, 'and large clusters of scented flowers followed by variegated red fruits. SE Asia. Zone 10. Keep warm to germinate in 2 months or so. Varies from seed.

—Centaurea Cyanus 'Emperor William'. (100) CENT-1E. Packet: $2.50
25 grams $7.50, 100 grams: $20.00
'CORNFLOWER'. Clear, dark, marine blue flowers. This variety is the last of the old, tall, single flowered varieties in existence. It is the closest to the wild plant. Hardy annual to 3 feet. One of the best. Long blooming, unlike the modern types. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks. Two weeks prechill helps germination.

CERCIDIPHYLLUM (ser-si-di-FEE-lum)
CERCIDIPHYLLACEAE. Deciduous Asian trees.
—Cercidiphyllum japonicum. (200) CERP-4. Packet: $2.50
'KATSURA TREE'. Elegant deciduous tree to 40 - 100 feet, with leaves that turn yellow and scarlet in fall, when they have a brown sugar scent when crushed. Young foliage reddish purple. China and Japan. Zone 4 or hardier. Germinates in 3 - 4 weeks warm.

CEROPEGIA (ser-o-PE-jee-a)
APOCYNACEAE. Tropical succulent twiners and shrubs.
—Ceropegia Woodii. (20) CEROP-92. Packet: $2.50
'HEART VINE', ROSARY VINE'. Heart-shaped inch-long leaves marbled white above and purple below. Peculiar inch-long flowers. Long-lived vine (over 100 years) from a tuber. S. Africa. Zone 10. Popular houseplant, good in hanging baskets. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

CHORIZEMA (kor-i-ZE-ma)
LEGUMINOSAE. Showy, fast-growing Australian shrubs with slender, graceful arching branches, making a "riotous, gaudy display" of bright flowers in early spring. Fast growing and valued in the cool greenhouse or outdoors in California and the South. Hardy to about 24°F. Good in hanging baskets. Full sun. Easy from seed.
—Chorizema cordatum. (25) CHOZ-4. Packet: $2.50

'AUSTRALIAN FLAME PEA', 'FLOWERING OAK'. Abundant orange-red 1/2" flowers with purplish wings, in 6" clusters. Shrub to 3 - 10 feet, with dark green 1 - 2" leaves. Western Australia. Zone 9. Soak, nick hard, to germinate in 2 - 6 weeks.
—Chorizema diversifolium. (50) CHOZ-8. Packet: $2.50
'CLIMBING FLAME-PEA'. Abundant pink, orange, and red flowers on a slender perennial twiner to 4 feet. W. Australia. Zone 9. Nick seed to germinate in 2 - 6 weeks.
—Chorizema ilicifolium. (50) CHOZ-12. Packet: $2.50
'HOLLY FLAME PEA'. Brilliant orange-red & yellow flowers with red keel & wings, in 4 - 6" racemes. Scrambling or twining shrub to 2 - 3 feet, with inch-long holly-like leaves. W. Australia. Long bloom period—March to October. Zone 9. Nick seed.

—Clematis columbiana. (100) CLEM-20. Packet: $2.50

Blue 1- 2" long bell-shaped flowers with long pointed sepals. Hardy woody 'vine with trifoliate leaves. NW N. America. Best in part shade and humusy soil. Germinates in 2 - 10 weeks or so at warm temperatures and in light.
—Clematis ladakhiana CC7135. (50) CLEM-72. Packet: $3.00
Yellow flowers with dark speckles. Climber with lacy foliage. Ladakh, Kashmir. From Chadwell collection at 12,000 feet. Zone 6. Prechill seed. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com

—Clitoria mariana. (10) CLI-16. Packet: $2.50
'BUTTERFLY PEA'. Large 2" long lilac flowers from June to October. Fairly hardy perennial to 3 feet. SE U.S. to NY. Zone 6. Forms nice colonies in part shade or ful1 sun. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks.

—Codonopsis ovata. (100) COD-18. Packet: $2.50

'KASHMIR BELLFLOWER'. Pale blue nodding flowers with darker veins, in summer. Himalayas. Zone 3 or 4. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks.

RUBIACEAE. Evergreen African and Asian shrubs. They make nice, fast-growing foliage plants in the greenhouse.
—Coffea arabica. (25) COFF-1. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $7.50 (130 seeds per ounce)
'COFFEE'. Fragrant white flowers and red berries and handsome, shining, dark green 6" oval leaves on a shrub to 15 feet. East Africa. Roasted seeds are coffee, and the leaves, bark and fruit pulp are also made into drinks. Honey from the flowers has a unique flavor. Soak overnight, peel off husk, sow in a light rich soil, and keep warm but not too wet. Germinates in 1 - 4 months.

COLLOMIA ko-LO-mee-a)
POLEMONIACEAE. Showy American Gilia-like plants.
—Collomia grandiflora. (200) COL-10. Packet: $2.50
Trumpet-shaped white to salmon inch-long flowers in dense balls. Annual to 3 feet, with narrow leaves. W. U.S. Germinates at cool temperatures.

—Cornus florida. (25) CORS-17. Packet: $2.50
Oz: $6.00

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'FLOWERING DOGWOOD'. White 2 - 4" flowers in late spring, followed by scarlet fruits that last into winter. Small tree to 20 - 40 feet, with oval 6" leaves that turn glowing red in fall. E. U.S. Zone 5. Fruits attract birds, and the hard wood is used for tool handles. Medicinal. Prechilled seed.
—Cornus florida 'Rubra'. (25) CORS-17R. Packet: $2.50 OUT OF STOCK
Oz: $6.00 OUT OF STOCK

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'PINK FLOWERING DOGWOOD'. Flowers pink to rose on the parent trees, but probably varying considerably from seed. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.
—Cornus Kousa. (25) CORS-22. Packet: $2.50 OUT OF STOCK
1/2 Oz: $6.00 OUT OF STOCK

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
Click for photo » Cornus kousa.jpg (72815 bytes)
'KOUSA', 'JAPANESE DOGWOOD'. Abundant white flowers followed by reddish edible fruits. Tree to 20 feet, with 4" leaves. E. Asia. Prechill seed 8 - 12 weeks to germinate in 1 - 4 weeks. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.
—Cornus Kousa 'Rubra'. (25) CORS-22R. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Oz: $6.00 BULK OUT OF STOCK - Packets are available

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'PINK JAPANESE DOGWOOD'. Pink or rose flowers on the parent trees, but likely to vary considerably from seed. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.

—Corydalis ophiocarpa. (50) CORY-22. Packet: $2.50

'SERPENT-POD FUMITORY'. Creamy yellow 1/2" flowers with red tips, in dense clusters in April to June. Hardy perennial to 2 1/2 feet, with attractive ferny, bronzy blue-green foliage. Himalayas. Zone 5. Nice foliage plant in shady spots. Multicycle germination, warm then cold. Hold pots several years.

—Cucumis metuliferus. (25) CUCU-16. Packet: $2.50
Click for photo » Cucumis metuliferus.jpg (129910 bytes)

'HORNED CUCUMBER', 'JELLY MELON', 'KIWANO'. Spiny 3 - 5" long fruits turn red when ripe. The subtle flavor has been likened to banana-lime. They keep well; up to 6 months. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

CYCLOPIA (si-KLO-pee-a)
LEGUMINOSAE. Southern African plants.
—Cyclopia subternata. (10) CYCL-22. Packet: $4.00
'HONEYBUSH TEA'. Yellow flowers on a shrub to 4 - 8 feet, with a honey scent. South Africa. Zone 8. Leaves and flowers are a popular delicious tea with medicinal properties. Nick seed to germinate at cool temperatures. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com

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