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ANACARDIUM (an-a-kar-dee-um)
ANACARDIACEAE. Tropical trees and shrubs of the Americas.
—Anacardium occidentale. (5) ANAC-4. Packet: $2.50
25 seed: $8.00
CASHEW'. Small evergreen tree to 40 feet, bearing small 3" edible fruits with the cashew nut at the bottom. Handsome 8" leaves. Tropical America. Zone 10. Likes a dry season and well-drained soil. Soak seeds overnight and plant on their side, keep warm. Seed shell causes rash if broken, but safe to handle when whole.

ARUM (AR-um)
ARACEAE. Jack-in-the-pulpit-like tuberous perennials with arrowhead-shaped leaves and interesting spathes. Good pot plants or outdoors in mild climates. Best in part shade and rich soil, with plenty of water while growing. Germination of dry seed may be prolonged and irregular, hold pots outdoors several years. I have had best results with seed cleaned out of the berries, and stored moist (never dried). These germinate readily the first season.
—Arum cyrenaicum Arch 195.150. (20) ARUM-8. Packet: $2.50 Fresh crop harvested 7/17
10 grams: $10.00, 50 grams: $30.00
Click for photo » Arum cyrenaicum4.jpg (110260 bytes) Arum cyrenaicum5.jpg (127146 bytes)
Fresh seed stored moist and refrigerated for rapid germination.

Large rosy purplish spathes and purple spadices. Dark green arrowhead leaves delicately spotted. Woodland species from Libya. Rarely seen.
—Arum pictum. (25) ARUM-18. Packet: $2.50
Fresh crop harvested 7/17
10 grams: $15.00, 50 grams: $50.00
Click for photo » Arum pictum3.jpg (158755 bytes) Arum pictum4.jpg (97843 bytes) Arum pictum.jpg (138318 bytes)
Fresh seed stored moist and refrigerated for rapid germination.
'BLACK CALLA'. Deep velvety reddish purple cowl-like 7" spathes in fall. Deep shiny green 10" arrowhead leaves that are purple-edged when young, creamy-veined later. Corsica and Sardinia. Zone 8. The only fall-blooming Arum.
—Arum purpureospathum. (5) ARUM-20. Packet: $3.00
Fresh crop harvested 7/17
50 seed: $19.00
Fresh seed stored moist and refrigerated for rapid germination.
Click for photo » Arum purpureospathum Gatard.JPG (29803 bytes) Arum purpureospathum5.jpg (131818 bytes)
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Striking large deep purple spathes to 12" long, held well above the leaves, in April and May, followed by orange berries. Dark green foot-long leaves emerge in fall. Endangered endemic, known only from a few sites in southwestern Crete, where it is protected. Zone 8. Likes a dry summer for dormancy.

BRUGMANSIA (brug-MAN-zee-a)
SOLANACEAE. 'ANGEL'S TRUMPET TREE'. Small South American trees with spectacular pendulous trumpet shaped blooms, most fragrant in the evening. Excellent ornamentals for the greenhouse California and the South, never failing to provoke comment when in bloom. May stand some frost, and will often renew themselves from the roots if cut to the ground. Good in tubs, which can be over-wintered in a cellar. Will often bloom in small 10" pots. Formerly included in Datura, which see for the herbaceous Angel's Trumpets, and for their medicinal and poisonous properties. Some are grown for commercial production of medicinal tropanes.
—Brugmansia sanguinea. (7) BRUG-16. Packet: $4.00
50 seed: $19.00 Limit 50 seeds per customer
Click for photo » BrugmansiaSanguinea.jpg (71440 bytes) BrugmansiaSanguinea2.jpg (47070 bytes) BrugmansiaSanguinea3.jpg (89377 bytes)
'EAGLE TREE'. Large, pendulous 8 - 12" trumpet-shaped flowers are deep red with yellow veins, shading upward to yellow. Spindle-shaped 3 1/2" fruits Small tree to 12 feet, with downy, dark green leaves. Andes. Fairly hardy, standing quite a bit of frost, sprouting from the base. A spectacular, long lived ornamental, thriving in cool coastal climates. Seed germinates in 2 - 8 weeks warm, most in a month. Sometimes a 5 minute peroxide soak helps.

CARYOTA (kar-ee-O-ta)
PALMAE. Tropical Asian palms, the only palms with bipinnate fronds.
—Caryota mitis 'Variegata'. (10) CARY-17V. Packet: $10.00
100 seed: $70.00
Fresh seed harvested 2/17, stored in cold storage.
'VARIEGATED FISHTAIL PALM'. Striking variegated 6 - 10 foot fronds with fishtail-shaped leaflets. Forms clumps of stems to 12 - 40 feet tall. Large clusters of scented flowers followed by variegated red fruits. SE Asia. Zone 10. Keep warm to germinate in 1 - 2 months or so. Seedlings often do not show variegation when very young. Seed very scarce.

CHAENOMELES (kay-NO-me-leez)
ROSACEAE. Showy spring flowering shrubs.
—Chaenomeles Species and Hybrids Mix. (25) CHAE-X. Packet: $2.50
Fresh seed stored in cold storage.
FLOWERING QUINCE'. A nice mix from over 30 parents. Flowers in shades of white, pink, peach, red, and occasional variegated bloom. Shrub to 2 - 10 feet, usually 4 - 5 feet. The small fruits are made into jelly or canned, with a quince-like flavor, and containing similar nutraceuticals. Prechill seed 8 - 12 weeks to germinate in 1 - 4 weeks.

PALMAE. Ornamental Madagascar palms.
—Dypsis Decaryi. (10) (=Neodypsis Decaryi) DYPS-16. Packet: $2.50
100 seed: $7.50
Fresh seed, stored in cold storage.
'TRIANGLE PALM'. Striking palm with fronds in three ranks, forming a triangle-shaped trunk. To 30 feet, with bluish-grey 15 foot fronds. Southern Madagascar. Zone 9b. CITES Appendix II endangered species. Good in tubs. Needs warmth to germinate in 1 - 2 months or so.

GRAMINEAE. Striking ornamental perennial grasses. Nine species ranging from New Zealand and Asia to North America. Best in moist, woodsy, shady places.
—Hystrix californica. (50) HYST-4. Packet: $2.50
'CALIFORNIA BOTTLE-BRUSH GRASS'. A stately perennial grass to 6 feet, with large nodding bottle-brush-like spikes, and wide, strap-like leaves. Rare endemic to central coastal California. Zone 9. Good in part shade or full sun. Germinates in 2 weeks. My favorite local grass.

—Poncirus trifoliata Large Fruited. (20) PONC-4L. Packet: $2.50

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
A type with very large fruits, up to 3 - 4" wide.

TRICHOCEREUS (trik-o-SEER-ee-us)

—Trichocereus Bridgesii Reynolds X SS02. (25) TRCH-6X. Packet: $2.50
1000 seed: $15.00
10,000 seed: $100.00

This seed is from crossing the Dave Reynolds Bridgesii clone with the famous SS02 clone. Vigorous seedlings, 84% germination 6/17.
Pale green, frosted 4 - 8-ribbed columns to 18 feet or so, branched from the base. Dark yellow 4" spines. White 7" flowers bloom at night, but last well into the next day, and are strongly jasmine scented. Bolivia. One of the hardiest. Germinates in 2 - 5 weeks.
—Trichocereus Bridgesii Reynolds X T. Pachanoi. (25) TRCH-6BP. Packet: $2.50
1000 seed: $10.00
This seed is from crossing the Dave Reynolds Bridgesii clone with T. Pachanoi. 28% germination 6/17.
—Trichocereus Pachanoi Reynolds X T. Bridgesii Reynolds. (25) TRCH-40XB. Packet: $2.50
1000 seed: $15.00
This seed is from crossing the Dave Reynolds T. Pachanoi clone with his T. Bridgesii clone. Vigorous seedlings, 84% germination 6/17.