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AKEBIA (a-KEE-bee-a)
LARDIZABALACEAE. East Asian twining shrubs grown for their attractive foliage and peculiar flowers and fruit. Best in sun and well-drained soil. Germinates readily after 1 month cold treatment.
—Akebia quinata. (25) AKEB-5. Packet: $2.50
Fresh seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'CHOCOLATE VINE', 'FIVE-LEAF'. Odd rosy purple (male) or purple brown (female), three petaled, 1/4 - 1 1/2" very sweetly fragrant flowers in pendant clusters in April and May. Peculiar sausage shaped dark purple 3 - 5" edible fruits with sweetish yellow green pulp. Twining shrub to 15 - 20 feet, with handsome 5-parted foliage. NE Asia. The leaves are used for tea in Japan. "Very graceful and desirable."—A. Rehder.

ARUM (AR-um)
ARACEAE. Jack-in-the-pulpit-like tuberous perennials with arrowhead-shaped leaves and interesting spathes. Good pot plants or outdoors in mild climates. Best in part shade and rich soil, with plenty of water while growing. Germination of dry seed may be prolonged and irregular, hold pots outdoors several years. I have had best results with seed cleaned out of the berries, and stored moist (never dried). These germinate readily the first season.
—Arum pictum. (25) ARUM-18. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $15.00, 50 grams: $50.00
Click for photo » Arum pictum.jpg (138318 bytes)
Fresh seed (gathered 7/16) stored moist and refrigerated for rapid germination.
'BLACK CALLA'. Deep velvety reddish purple cowl-like 7" spathes in fall. Deep shiny green 10" arrowhead leaves that are purple-edged when young, creamy-veined later. Corsica and Sardinia. Zone 8. The only fall-blooming Arum.

CARYOTA (kar-ee-O-ta)
PALMAE. Tropical Asian palms, the only palms with bipinnate fronds.
—Caryota mitis 'Variegata'. (10) CARY-17V. Packet: $10.00
100 seed: $70.00
Fresh seed harvested 2/17, stored in cold storage.
'VARIEGATED FISHTAIL PALM'. Striking variegated 6 - 10 foot fronds with fishtail-shaped leaflets. Forms clumps of stems to 12 - 40 feet tall. Large clusters of scented flowers followed by variegated red fruits. SE Asia. Zone 10. Keep warm to germinate in 1 - 2 months or so. Seedlings often do not show variegation when very young. Seed very scarce.

CHAENOMELES (kay-NO-me-leez)
ROSACEAE. Showy spring flowering shrubs.
—Chaenomeles Species and Hybrids Mix. (25) CHAE-X. Packet: $2.50
Fresh seed stored in cold storage.
FLOWERING QUINCE'. A nice mix from over 30 parents. Flowers in shades of white, pink, peach, red, and occasional variegated bloom. Shrub to 2 - 10 feet, usually 4 - 5 feet. The small fruits are made into jelly or canned, with a quince-like flavor, and containing similar nutraceuticals. Prechill seed 8 - 12 weeks to germinate in 1 - 4 weeks.

—Cornus florida. (25) CORS-17. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $6.00

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'FLOWERING DOGWOOD'. White 2 - 4" flowers in late spring, followed by scarlet fruits that last into winter. Small tree to 20 - 40 feet, with oval 6" leaves that turn glowing red in fall. E. U.S. Zone 5. Birds are attracted to the fruit and the hard wood is used for tool handles. Medicinal. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.
—Cornus florida 'Rubra'. (25) CORS-17R. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $6.00

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'PINK FLOWERING DOGWOOD'. Flowers pink to rose on the parent trees, but probably varying considerably from seed. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.
—Cornus Kousa. (25) CORS-22. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Ounce: $6.00

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
Click for photo » Cornus kousa.jpg (72815 bytes)
'KOUSA', 'JAPANESE DOGWOOD'. Abundant white flowers followed by reddish edible fruits. Tree to 20 feet, with 4" leaves. E. Asia. Prechill seed 8 - 12 weeks to germinate in 1 - 4 weeks. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.
—Cornus Kousa 'Rubra'. (25) CORS-22R. Packet: $2.50
1/2 Ounce: $6.00

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
'PINK JAPANESE DOGWOOD'. Pink or rose flowers on the parent trees, but likely to vary considerably from seed. This is prechilled seed - refrigerate until planted in early spring.

PALMAE. Ornamental Madagascar palms.
—Dypsis Decaryi. (10) (=Neodypsis Decaryi) DYPS-16. Packet: $2.50
100 seed: $7.50
Fresh seed, stored in cold storage.
'TRIANGLE PALM'. Striking palm with fronds in three ranks, forming a triangle-shaped trunk. To 30 feet, with bluish-grey 15 foot fronds. Southern Madagascar. Zone 9b. CITES Appendix II endangered species. Good in tubs. Needs warmth to germinate in 1 - 2 months or so.

—Poncirus trifoliata Large Fruited. (20) PONC-4L. Packet: $2.50

Seed stored moist and refrigerated.
A type with very large fruits, up to 3 - 4" wide.

—Prunus Persica 'Indian Peach'. (10) PRUN-97. Packet: $2.50 OUT OF STOCK
100 seed: $15.00 OUT OF STOCK
Fresh seed stored in cold storage.
'INDIAN CLING PEACH'. Small dusty tan peaches with yellow flesh, very delicious. Small clingstone pit. Originally from Cherokee lands in North Carolina. Comes true from seed. Peaches were introduced very early by the Spanish, and spread among the Indians and taken as their own. Very productive, said to produce the third year from seed, bearing heavy crops of the small delicious peaches. Plant on receipt.

SAUROMATUM (sar-o-MA-tum)
ARACEAE. Large tuberous perennials somewhat resembling Arisaema, with large curious flowers and odd leaves. Easily grown in rich loamy soil.
—Sauromatum venosum. SAUR-8.
SMALL CORMS (1/4 - 1/2" diameter): 5 for $5.00
25 for $20.00 BULK OUT OF STOCK - Packets are available
Click for photos » Sauromatum.jpg (96430 bytes) Sauromatum venosum flowers.jpg (147770 bytes) Sauromatum venosum closeup.jpg (74285 bytes)
'VOODOO LILY'. Greenish yellow spathes with deep purple markings, 12 - 30" long. Large glossy green fan-like divided leaves. Reaches 4 - 6 feet with age. Indian Himalayas. Hardy to Zone 5. Odd.

—Garlic Yugoslavian Giant. (25 bulblets) GARL-YG. Packet: $2.50

Porcelain type, which forms large bulbs up to 3 - 4" across. Tall plants reach over 6 feet at the seedheads. Good flavor, not too hot and spicy. Huge yield, and they store 6 - 9 months in a cool place.

—Onion Egyptian Top Onion. (6 bulblets) VONI-EGT. Packet: $3.00
Also called Walking Onions, the blue-green leaves can reach 3 feet tall, and form a clump of small bulblets at the top. These stalks bend down to produce new plants, ' walking' along. Hardy and perennial, used for bunching onions or scallions. (Allium X proliferum)